• PanoMaster 360° Camera

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PanoMaster 360° Camera

Trisio Lite2

Innovative Single-lens Design for 360° Shot

"Trisio is looking forward to working with you insistently to reshape the way of interaction between human and space."

What's the difference between 4K/6K/8K?

AnyScene Technology

Trisio Lite 2 copes well with complex light environments regardless of whether the scenario is bright or not. Trisio's Anyscene will automatically adjust the exposure time to contribute a natural transition between brightness and darkness.

"NEW 360 camera for virtual tours - 8K photos with AMAZING stitching."

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"The best budget virtual tours camera in 2022."

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"The most cost-effective and high resolution virtual tour camera option in the market"

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"Great choice for entry-level virtual tours"

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Virtual Tours Platform

Trisio support most of the mainstream 360 platforms to display and create your panoramic photos and virtual tours. Our top recommended software is listed here.