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Trisio X TeliportMe Part 1: Vision and Birth of Trisio

2022-08-06 15:57:50

Author: Vineet Devaiah, CEO of TeliportMe




Every great product starts with a vision from the team building it and this vision is what channels passion, direction and purpose within the team members towards what they are building. As a founder and Investor myself I am obsessed about the “why” of the product. The why is the most important question in a world filled with “whats” and “hows”.


Keeping this in mind I insisted on having a one on one with the team leads Product and Image Processing, I run an Image processing company so I wanted to dig into their tech stack a little bit (I cannot share all of that information but nevertheless it was quite impressive). Below are a few questions I asked their team and their answers were quite enlightening.  This meeting took place with me on a video call with their team.


Some background about Trisio, they have been making multi lens cameras since 2016 and have sold hundreds of thousands of cameras in the Chinese local market and the Trisio Lite -2 is their first international product. I have personally not tried any of those old products but multi lens systems are far more complicated than single lens systems so I can imagine their technical capability is sound.


If you scroll below you will hear some of my thoughts about this interaction. along with some photos here.


Vineet: How did you start thinking of the concept for the camera?


Sam: Since 2016, many brands of panoramic cameras have entered the market. Most of these cameras focus on mostly video/ functions such as outdoor sports, video conferencing, and scenery browsing. If we were to launch a similar camera, it would be difficult to stand out from the competition. Moreover, from the consumers’ perspective, they would simply have another option for a similar product, rather than a new use.


… …


Full interview: Trisio X TeliportMe Part 1: Vision and Birth of Trisio