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Trisio and GoThru are offering a special virtual tour bundle

2022-07-09 23:00:46

Trisio and GoThru, our software partner, are offering consumers a special virtual tour solution bundle.



From July 8th, consumers will be able to find the bundle of Trisio Lite2 panoramic camera and GoThru Pro software on With this solution, we both want to offer photographers a convenient and cost-effective option.


GoThru is designed to provide users with enhanced virtual tour works, especially for business and real estate. GoThru Pro, enables you to immerse your audience in a rich virtual tour experience with an easy to navigate side menu, provides in depth details via text, video, image and audio hotspots, add a map and let the viewer envision the space as it is.


To get Trisio Lite2 + GoThru Pro bundle, please click: