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Trisio Lite2 360 Camera – Kuula Review

2022-10-14 09:54:10




Trisio Lite 2 is a unique 360 camera because, unlike most other models, it has only one lens. How does it shoot 360 photos then? Read the review to find out!


Typically 360 cameras have 2 or sometimes 4 lenses. When such camera shoots a 360 image, it takes simultaneous shots in multiple directions. Those shots, when put together, cover the entire 360 degree field of view.


How does the Trisio camera work?


Trisio, on the other hand, has only one lens and a rotator mechanism called NodeRotate. The camera rotates around and takes the shots one by one using the single lens.


This feature allows to shoot high quality photos while significantly lowering the cost of the device. Trisio can shoot photos at the same quality as Ricoh Theta Z1, but costs less than half the price!


We made this short video to show how exactly Trisio shoots a panorama. You will notice that it starts by rotating 270 degrees and then goes back, capturing an image by 90 degree increments.




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